13. Januar 2013

House hunting and everything else

Life is good. The boyfriend and I started house hunting. We already viewed some apartments and I kind of fell in love with them all. You might think I'm easily impressed, but it's more like I only want to view apartments that seem to be nothing less than perfect. Maybe I'll have to lower my standards at some point and I will if I have to, but for now we'll enjoy our house-hunting and see where it gets us. I'm already SO excited to move!
The rest of this weekend was calm and relaxed. Some snuggling in bed (and yes, what you see in the picture are Disney bedclothes), some reading and a cocktail night with friends. I also decided to read more. I love reading but for some reason I find it hard to make time for it. That is something I really need and want to change. I also started taking photos of my room! It will take me some more time but in the end I'll share some of the pictures in a home tour blog post! Oh, and you see the black and white photo? These are my brothers. Aren't they adorable with their matching shirts and cowboy hats? And yes, they're both in their twenties but I call them adorable nonetheless. I'm their only sister, I hold privileges.

I hope your weekend is a good one!


  1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Your blog is very lovely! Good luck with your house hunting, I hope you enjoy it!


  2. House hunting can be tiring, but it’s fun and exciting too! I suggest, though, trying and inquiring for a house mortgage before going for another house hunting adventure. This way, you won’t end up disappointed if you find out that your budget can’t quite match the type of house you are eyeing.

    Genny Stutesman

    1. That's a great advice, Genny. I can tell you, there have been sad moments during our house hunting journey, and moments of hope and joy and of disappointment. It's quite an adventure :D Can't wait to move, though!

  3. Life is good, indeed! There are so many things to be thankful for. =D Anyway, house hunting can be frustrating at times, but you’ll benefit from it as well. You get to compare houses and prices, and that would help you and your boyfriend to narrow down your list of preferences.

    Oscar Lang

  4. Hi there, Kathie! How’s the house hunting going so far? I haven’t read any updates on this one from your latest posts. If you want to find more choices that have all, if not, most of your preferences, I suggest searching through credited listings and contact a licensed real estate agent for faster and legal transactions. A real estate agent would be able to assist you in closing a deal with your price offer.

    Calvin Mordarski


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