15. Januar 2013

Brass washer necklace DIY

Hey guys! I was visiting a local hardware store the other day and picked a pack of these beautiful brass washers. It was love at first sight. That might sound funny when talking about things from a hardware store, but well... I'm strange like that! And I'm also pretty sure I see the goods in those shelves with different eyes than my boyfriend. My boyfriend sees stuff to hold furniture together, I see supplies for necklaces and bracelets. A visit at the hardware store is way more fun with jewelry in mind anyways!
So. Washers. I thought a necklace would be the perfect choice to show off those little beauties!

 Supplies: Golden necklace chain, 16.5 inches. A lobster claw clasp. A small jumpring. 5 brass washers (0.8 inch in diameter). Pliers (round nose and side cutter).

[1] Use the side cutter to cut the necklace chain in half, creating two pieces of  8.25 inches. Connect the clasp with the first piece. I opened the last element of the chain with the side cutter, put in the clasp and closed it using the round nose pliers. Add the jumpring to the end of the other piece of chain.
[2] To connect two washers, take brass wire and the round nose pliers and create a hook. Just grab and curl, it's easy!
[3] Arrange washers and wire hook like shown in the picture. Make sure the washers stay next to each other without overlapping.
[4] Using the round nose pliers, bend the long end of the wire over and press it flat around the two washers. Then cut the long end exactly at the position of the other end. Both ends shout face each other directly without a gap but also without overlap. This needs a little practice and my ends are also not perfect, but don't worry, you can wear the necklace with all this side facing to your body and no one will notice!
[5] Now connect the rest of the washers.
[6] Connect the necklace chain with the washers on both sides by creating another connection from brass wire.

I love my washer necklace! I love how it looks so not handmade what makes it way more fun  to mention if someone compliments on the necklace (I just love that "NO WAY!" look on their faces haha). And I'm already thinking of making a statement necklace with more washers. And probably nail polish?


  1. pretty! I really like your shirt too :)

    1. Thank you, Chelsea! The shirt is one of my favorite vintage finds from a local thrift shop :)

  2. wow! lovely accessory i like. really perfect for your prom dress i think :)


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