8. November 2012

DIY Mini Eraser Stamps

Hello there! Today I want to show you these lovely mini eraser stamps I made. I always wanted to try carving my own stamps and finally bought a cutter set last week. I couln't wait to start my first project! And here it is! Matching to the season I chose to carve a raindrop and a heart (because we still like autumn, even if it's rainy... right?).
I basically used some pencils with an eraser at the end, a cutter and stamp pads in two different colors. If you don't have a stamp pad you can also use any paint or markers.

Ok, let's get started! Please note how I matched the design of the numbers with the color of my nails. Pretty cool, huh?
[1] Take a pencil and draw your motif onto the eraser. If you are uncertain, sketch it on paper first.
[2] Carve the stamp with a cutter. Start cutting along the outline and then cut horizontal to remove all the excess eraser around your motif.
[3] This is how it should look like. It's sufficient if the stamp is some millimeters high.
[4] Color the surface of your stamp and do some test-stamping. Now you can easily see where your stamp needs improvements. Adjust until you are pleased with the result.

I like how easy these stamps can be made and how you can take them wherever you go. And you can use the other end of the pencil as ... well ... a pencil. Just never use the eraser as an eraser if you want to keep your stamp! Happy stamping!


  1. Great idea! I'm looking forward stamping with my first "small stamp" ;)


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