25. Oktober 2012

DIY Long Feather Hair Clip

Some weeks ago I found a mixed collection of wooden beads in a shoe store. Yes. A shoe store. You find beautiful things in the strangest places. The first project where I used the beads is this lovely long feather hair clip. This one is just perfect for any autumn outfit and you can wear it in many different ways. I wore it on and under the top layers of my hair and twisted around a top bun (secure with the hair clip and/or a few additional pins) and loved how it looked! Have fun making your own long feather hair clip! Here's what you need:
[1] Material: Thread, as long as you want the feather accessory to be plus a little extra. Thin brass wire. A snap hair clip. A bunch of feathers, collected or bought. Different wooden beads.
[2] Fasten one end of your thread to the snap hair clip with a tight knot. Cut the short end so it's hidden behind the clip. You can also use a blob of glue to secure everything to the clip.
[3] Twist some brass wire around the thread where you want the first beads and feathers to start. Twist it very tight around the thread to make sure it won't slide down when you put the clip on. Form a little stopper for the beads as you twist. When you are ready, get your beads and make sure that the thread and the wire are going through them.
[4] Next, place two ore more feathers into the last bead. Secure everything with another wire-stopper, but this time you twist  the wire around the thread and the feathers, securing beads and feathers in just one step! Cut the wire and hide the end.

Leave some space and then repeat the whole process further down the thread until the feather clip reaches the desired length. The clip looks lovely if it's slightly longer or if it's shorter than your hair as well! Try creating a few matching feather hair clips in different lengths or knotting more than one thread to your clip for a more "feathery" look.


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