4. November 2015

Market Day

Hello again! I can't believe it's been almost exactly two months since my last post! It feels like not more than four or five weeks to me. The moving process and the renovations around our new place have kept us super busy and although we're not anywhere near finished, I think the worst is over. But more on the moving topic later because this post is supposed to be about the first time we left the house to go somewhere else than IKEA or Bauhaus.
After three weeks in our new place we felt we had earned a day off to explore the city - Mainz - for a bit. And so we spent a good deal of Saturday morning at the weekly market in Mainz. We had the best time there admiring all the colorful vegetables, fruits and flowers, filling our bags with fresh local foods and happily discussing if there's still enough room for a bunch of colorful carrots (Because - pretty. Duh), munching hot waffles and not thinking about the state of our kitchen (chaos alert!) for a change. It was exacly what we needed at that moment. It felt really good to eat fresh, healthy, organic, local food instead of our latest diet which containes a lot of take-out and pizza. Ouch.
Also, I made pictures. Enoy and see you later!


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