8. Mai 2015

Life according to instagram | Apr 2015

This is a very belated Instagram review, but I couldn't just skip it. So, what's to say about April? Spring really kicked in in April. Okay, it continually switched between very cold and very warm, but I feel like that's what the weather does in Germany each year: Skipping spring and fall and just go directly from winter to summer and back. It's crazy. So we already had some sandals-and-shorts days in April and of course I didn't look at the forecast and went out in coat and boots. Typical.
The knitting obsession hasn't stopped so far. In the evenings you will find me on the sofa working on the next best knitting project.
And of course the Easter holidays were in April! We spent them with my parents who have the most beautiful tiny garden full of flowers and I just love to sit there and enjoy the nature all around me. Fun fact: My dad still has to hide the Easter baskets for us. After almost 30 years. He knows the most difficult hiding places and it's always a great fun for everyone. Haha. We're not crazy.
1.Mmhmm. Cold leftover burger for breakfast. Classy.     2.Packaging victim. I can't help it.     3.Fresh flowers from the best boyfriend ever.     4.Apple blossoms.     5.Working on new orders for my shop. If I'm not knitting when I'm home, I'm probably doing this. I love how I can work and watch my favorite series at the same time.     6.Brought my mom flowers as an Easter gift.     7.Succulents love.     8.My first knitted toy! I made this penguin rattle toy as a welcome gift for a cute little baby boy.
9.More succulent love. I've gathered quite a collection over the years.     10.Knitting and cheese cake for breakfast. Heaven.     11.I love it when we take walks through streets where we never been before. They often hide real treasures like this beautiful front.     12.The real life. Creative chaos while I'm trying to finish several orders at once.     13.New jacket from Zara. Love it.     14.Lazy mornings in bed with healthy breakfast: yogurt, fresh fruits and nuts.     15.Fun with alphabet beads.     16.Just proved to myself again that I'm not a hat person. It makes me so sad, I love hats! Boohoo.
17.Love my super fancy copper colored birkenstocks! I've been wearing them at home for a few months already but in April they had their first outing.     18.Alphabet necklaces. I love that 'meow' necklace!     19.Waffles for breakfast on a Sunday. Perfect breakfast in my book.     20.Well, hello! Meet the place where I get ready every morning.     21.Wearing my new alphabet necklaces for work.     22.I bought these gorgeous tulips for my poor sick boyfriend. I feel that flowers make you instantly feel better. I hope it worked for him, too.     23.First time knitting lace. I couldn't resist to try something new. It's really addictive!     24.A selfie a day keeps the doctor away? Anyway, I posted this because my eyes looked to intensely blue in it.


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