11. April 2015

A week off everything

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I hope you are enjoying a great weekend! We were blessed with the sunniest of days today and spend a great deal of our time outside exploring, buying ice cream and enjoying the sun in our faces. People in shorts and t-shirts everywhere! It seems almost inadequate to share pictures of our vacation at the Szczecin Lagoon on such a sunny and warm day. Because, well, it was cold and cloudy most of the time. We still had a great time!
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After the boyfriend's master thesis was handed in, we both wanted to take some time off to relax and rewind. Just the two of us. At the Szczecin Lagoon, in a sleepy village, we found a cozy little fisher house with a beautiful tiled stove and the beach just 50m away. There was absolutely no wifi or cell phone reception which was fine, actually. We spent wonderful 5 Internet-free days exploring beaches, visiting the zoo, knitting (that might just be me) and reading Harry Potter for a bedtime story. Yep, you read that right. We're 26 and we're reading bedtime stories to one another. Totally normal.
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Most of the beach near our house was not sand but thousands of tiny little seashells. I was so stupid not to scoop up a handful and take them home. I'm sure they would be great in some kind of crafty project, what do you think? Maybe I forgot because I stood there, on the seashell beach, suddenly wondering why or how all those seashells had to die.
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That peaceful moment, where the boyfriend was feeding llamas in the zoo... right before the boss llama saw the boyfriend feeding another llama but him, got jealous and spat him right in the face. Poor boyfriend.
He also carried my heavy bag all day. He is the best.
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Last but not least: The only picture with both of us in it. Yay!


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