31. Mai 2014

Dream Green

Hey there! Remember how - not so long ago - I told you how much I wished to have my own garden one day and how it just wasn’t possible with the given circumstances? Sometimes your wishes can come true faster than you think! Only a few days after that post, Meine Ernte announced that they have a few parcels more to rent than previously offered.  I took that as a sign and a few minutes later I was a garden owner!
Meine Ernte is an organization that cooperates with local farmers who provide a small field which is then divided in parcels and offered to rent from May to November. We got a small parcel (2m x 22m) with about 20 different vegetables already sown and still room for our own seeds and plants. Read more on their website (German) if you’re interested. It’s an amazing project and a perfect fit for our situation: It’s great for beginners. There’s a weekly newsletter that tells you what you should be doing in your garden right now and how your plants should look. You pay per season so it’s payable even for students. You are never alone, there’s always someone there you can ask for help or advice. You don’t need to buy expensive gardening tools, because it’s all included in the deal.
We are psyched about our new garden! We planted some tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and cauliflowers on the free space. I love how much the plants grow every week and I can’t wait to harvest something that I grew in my own garden! Maybe we’ll be able to bring the first radishes home later today.
The pictures are from our first weeks in our garden. You can see there’s a lot of brown and only some green in the pictures, but we’re pretty convinced that will drastically change in the weeks to come. I’ll keep you posted.

Ha! That picture cracks me up every time I look at it!
Already much greener after only 3 weeks! It's amazing how fast these things grow!
Flowers that used to live on my window sill. They look so much happier outdoors!


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