14. November 2013

Make a statement! - Part 3: The wrapped asymmetric bib necklace

Hello, hello! Welcome to part three of the "Make a statement!" series (woohoo!)! For this one I didn't really know what I wanted to do, but I had made this clay rings earlier and there was embroidery thread all over my desk from working at cross stitch portrait orders for my shop -  and that's basically how this necklace came to be. And it's really easy and fun!

So here's what you need: polymer clay in any color (because you're going to wrap it with thread), embroidery thread in mustard yellow, terracotta and brown, thin flat leather strips (like these), leather cord in the same color, fabric glue.
[1] Take small pieces of polymer clay and roll them into little "snakes". Form them into rings and blend out the ends so you get nice rings. Bake in the oven following the instructions on the package.
[2] To wrap the rings, place a very small blob of fabric glue onto the ring. Anywhere is great. Now take about 0.5 meter of the embroidery thread and place one end onto the glue and press it down a bit. Start wrapping the thread around the ring.
[3] Wrap all the way around. You can secure the thread here and there with glue if you're scared that it's going to slip out of place. When you reached the end, cut of the remaining thread. Put a little bit of glue onto the ring and the very end of the thread, push the end down and smooth it out with your finger. Let dry.
[4] Make some more wrapped rings!
[5] Cut the flat leather band into small pieces. Try out which length you need to get around two rings and add a few millimeters. Use them to connect the rings in a way you like. Add two at the outer ends where you pull the thin leather cord through. And then -Tadaaa!- you have a necklace!

I like this necklace very much as it has this wintery warm vibe and looks so good with  any of my blouses!

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  1. Pretty necklace!!! I'm no good with clay, but maybe I can try using your washer necklace DIY instead and wrap them in embroidery thread?

    1. Great idea! That should work as well and will give you very nice and even rings!


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