10. Oktober 2013

Make a statement! - Part 1: The red braided rope necklace

Hey there! Today is the start of a little series that I've planned without telling anyone! We're going to be making some awesome statement necklaces these next few weeks! Yay! I think it's the perfect time of the year for statement necklaces. The grey and cold weather outside calls for bold colors and a big chunky statement necklace is just perfect if you're wearing more layers and thicker fabrics where a delicate tiny golden one would be entirely lost and practically invisible.
So statement necklace month it is!
We start with a very beautiful (and very red) braided rope necklace. I very much love the knit look of this one!
[1] Supplies: Ca. 1,5m of 4-6mm wide knit rope/tunnel stuff (I really don't know how it's called, but can be found here). Small wooden beads. Red thread. A needle. Scissors.
[2] Cut three pieces of the knit tube, two 25cm long and one 90cm. Fill all three with the same amount of beads. Make sure they are nicely centered in the long one.
[3] Now you have three tubes filled with beads. Nice!
[4] Gather the right ends of all three pieces and sew them together where the beads start. Just some stitches to secure the whole thing. Loosely braid the three strands and secure the other end.
[5] Cut two short pieces of knit tube (3-5cm), wrap around the ends where you sew them together and stitch it close. You can skip this step but it looks much cleaner if you don't. If you don't like sewing you can also wrap the short pieces around and fixate with some fabric glue.
[6] Cut the short tube ends as close as you can. With the long ones tie a knot behind you neck and you're ready to go!

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