24. September 2013

Life is crazy

Life is crazy, it is. It's the last week before the next semester at university starts and I am in the middle of a hundred projects at once, old and new. I'm working on my Dawanda shop to make it a place that feels like me, optimizing products and I'm even making a leaflet to add to every order. I've never made a leaflet before (And why whould I have?) but it's fun! I've even set up a mini photo studio on my desk. Yes, I used gift wrap from IKEA. Don't laugh, it worked just fine.
So I'm stitching a lot, because if you already checked out my shop you know it's about cross stitching and stuff.

I also digged out my old granny squares! I'm working on a blanket here, guys! I started crocheting granny squares about a year ago and it even was one of my first posts here on Curious and Catcat! It's the best thing to dim the light in the evening, light some (read: many many) candles, turn on some classical piano music and just sit there, crochet, relax... it's kind of meditative and I love it!

What else is in the pictures? Ah yes: homemade pizza! I recently happened to discover my love to bake things. Pizza, calzone, cake, and we haven't bought bread for a month! After our WWOOFing trip we found that we wanted to really eat healthy and with healthy I don't mean that we buy a lot of salad or vegetables because everyone knows vegetables are healthy. I mean that we are trying to cook fresh and from scratch without using canned stuff or all those powders and instant products. We're also experimenting with new and healthier because not overbred grains.
Maybe this is just a phase, but It feels right at the moment and there's just nothing better than eating a pizza or apple purree or bread you made from scratch. I think you can taste the love you put into it haha. No. Really.

Have a great week y'all!


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