4. April 2013

fabric envelope to store recipe cards

As you know, the boyfriend and I are on a 52-weeks-challenge this year. We prepare a different Italian meal every week, following (more or less) the weekly recipes from a calendar we bought. Since we already made about 12 different dishes, I had collected 12 postcard-sized recipe cards but didn't really know where and how to store them properly. I was okay for the moment, but it would be a problem in the end with all 52 cards to store somewhere.

This fabric envelope is perfect to store recipe cards, postcards or letters. I added a green ribbon to be able to close it and protect the cards from falling out. And for the looks, of course. For the embroidered words I chose "Buon Appetito", which is Italian of course, but the words can be changed to whatever you wish. In case you want to use the same embroidery pattern I used, you'll find it here.

Supplies: White cotton fabric, embroidery thread, scissors, embroidery needle, a sewing machine, a pencil, some ribbon (I used green shoe laces), an embroidery hoop.

[1] Place one of the cards you want to store inside the envelope on top of the white fabric and trace the outlines. Add 1-2 inches (depending on how many cards you plan to store) to each side, trace again and cut the fabric to size. Cut a second piece the same size.
[2] With the pencil, draw the embroidery pattern onto the fabric. Place the fabric in the embroidery hoop and start stitching! I worked with three strands of embroidery thread and used a simple backstitch for my design.
[3] To sew the envelope, fold down the top of the front piece by about an inch (fold to the back of it) and fixate it with your sewing machine. Repeat for the other piece. This will be the opening of the envelope in the end.
After that, put the two pieces on top of each other, right sides facing, and sew it close. But leave the opening open!
[4] Sew the ribbon onto the envelope and then turn it right sides out. Put in cards. You're done!
Have a great week!


  1. I'm so trying to find this green shoelace, where did you purchase them? Thanks in advance! sjones07305@gmail.com

    1. Oh I bought a pair of green sneakers a few years ago which came with two sets of shoelaces, white and green, and I had the green ones still lying around. I'm sorry that this is totally unhelpful ;)


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