17. Februar 2013

On the move

Good news, friends! We found a new apartment and already signed the contract last week! The photos are from our little donut-and-coffee celebration afterwards (I know, I'm celebrating like everything with donuts and coffee these days, but they're just sooo good!). We'll move out at the end of February and I feel like going crazy with organizing the house moving and all the stuff we'll need to buy soon. Like. A kitchen. Oh my! Can you believe I never owned a fridge or an oven or even tableware before? I had roommates for that...
So I'm happily busy with planning and looking at color charts and painting my own tableware (I shared a photo of it yesterday on Facebook). I even rebuilt and furnished the apartment in Sims3...Okay. Now I'm really sounding like a crazy girl. I'm just happy. And excited. And happy. Really.

So if I'll be talking non stop about our new apartment, you've been warned.

Have a great weekend, y'all!


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