7. Februar 2013

DIY Papercut Valentine's Card

Hello my friends! I had my second of three exams today and now I'm back for a cute Valentine's Day DIY that I whipped up a few weeks ago already. I'm so very pleased with the result and I hope you are, too. The words on the card can be changed to whatever you like and they will be in your handwriting! Such a very special and personal gift for a loved person!

You'll need: White and mint green card stock and some origami paper or similar paper with a pastel colored delicate flower pattern. A piece of paper to draw your design on. A Ruler. A pencil and a thin black marker. A Cutter, a stapler and paper glue.
[1] With ruler and pencil draw two straight lines, 5 inches each. Write your message on the middle 3 inches (or less) of each line. Use rather big letters and leave enough space between words, it will be useful for the next step.
[2] Now take the black marker and draw around the pencil lines. Leave an equal distance from both sides of the pencil lines and trace around the straight lines as well. Cut the paper you drew on to size and staple it to the mint-colored card stock.
[3] Start cutting out the design by tracing only the black lines and cutting through the white paper and the mint card stock at the same time (no pencil residues on the card stock!) . And it might seem easiest to start cutting the outline first, but you really should start with the smallest bits and tiniest spaces. It will save you a lot of work and time if you do so. Trust me!
[4] If you're done cutting the words, take a 10''x7'' piece of white card stock and fold in half (5''x7''). Cut out a heart-shaped piece of card stock (max. width 5 inches of course) from the front side of the card.
[5] Glue the mint colored pieces to place from the back side.
[6] For the inlay, take a piece of card stock or paper that is a little bit smaller (mine is folded ca. 4.5''x6''). Glue the origami paper to the outside of the inlay card and voila! a beautiful background for your minty message!

You can now finish the project with a love note inside the inlay, add a lipstick kiss or two, and then surprise the one special person in your life with this beautiful and very personal Valentine's card.


  1. This is a very cute idea! I love the patterned floral paper you used with the mint green lettering. Very lovely!!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! It took me quite some time to find the perfect color/pattern to go with white and mint green but I'm very happy with the result!

  2. This is such a nice Valentines card. i love the way how you design the Happy valentines day messages on it, I so love it. Cheers xxx


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