11. Dezember 2012

T-shirt DIY for St. Nicholas Day

A little late, but as I promised, here's what the boyfriend found in his Advent calender on St. Nicholas Day. St. Nicholas Day is an important day in Advent here in Germany. All the children clean their boots the night before and place them outside their rooms to find them filled with treats and small surprises in the morning. It was so nice to find gifts from our lovely neighbors in front of our apartment's door! It was such a nice gesture and came totally unexpected for us!
For the T-shirt I made for the boyfriend I bought a simple T-shirt at H&M. I made a Swiss cross stencil out of cardboard and made the pattern on the T-shirt by tracing the outer lines of the stencil with dark grey fabric paint and a small paint brush. After a night of drying I got my sewing machine ready and traced the cross in the lower right corner with a zig-zag stitch using the smallest possible stitch length. I sewed one of my "Catcat" labels on and that's it!

I tried to keep the design rather simple because the boyfriend and I tend to have different opinions about what a great T-shirt design should look like. But I like how it came out. And the boyfriend likes it too!

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures by the way, I had to take them by night so they're all with flash.


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