24. November 2012

DIY Mini Bottle Necklace

I have to admit that I made these adorable mini bottle necklaces already some time ago but didn't post about it for some reason. But here it is. Finally! Let's celebrate! Ok. Maybe not. I think I had too much coffee this morning...
So the reason why I finally post about the bottle necklaces is: I love them and wear them a lot and I have to share things I love with the world. Simple as that. I made two of them. For the first I used leather thread, wood beads and some rust-colored glitter, the other was made using a simple golden necklace, a golden leaf charm and some lace. You see they are quite different. It's great how they can be combined with many of my daily outfits. I love how these bottle necklaces can be made with a whole range of different materials and filled with tiny lovely things. I can imagine filling them with sand from the beach of your last vacation, dandelion seeds, your favorite fabric, colorful thread or beads or even some sort of liquid (I don't know if that's actually possible but it would certainly look awesome!).
In this post I will only describe how to make the leather-glitter-wood-necklace. The instructions are easy to adapt for every other type of necklace you might have in mind.
Supplies: A tiny bottle, i found mine in a local craft shop. Some yellow leather thread, 4-6 inches longer than you want the necklace to be. Sturdy  dark brown cotton thread 10-12 inches should be enough. Thin brass wire. Rust-colored glitter as filling. Scissors, glue, two wooden beads.
 [1] Cut the leather thread as long as you want your necklace to be plus 4-6 inches. If the length will suffice to pull the necklace over your head you won't need some sort of closure. Just take one end of the thread an do a slip knot, forming a tiny loop. Secure the loop with brass wire and cut the loose end. Do the same for the other end of the leather thread.
[2] To tie the bottle to the necklace take a 10 inch piece of the brown thread and pull it through both loops we just made in step 1.
[3] Now wrap it around the bottle neck, cross in front, go through the loops again, cross in the back, go through the loops and then tie a knot in front. Be careful to have the loops on either side of the bottle. It won't be too easy to adjust afterwards. Cut the ends of the brown thread to about 1 inch.
[4] For the last step, take two wooden beads and "fill" them with glue. No. Really. Fill them. put the ends of the brown thread inside and let dry. When it's dry, fill it with whatever you like. I used rust-colored glitter. You can glue the stopper into the bottle neck if you want, but it's not a must.
There you have your own mini bottle necklace!

Edit: If you don't like the version where you tie the necklace to the bottle neck, you can as well pierce a small hole through the stopper (use a needle) and insert a piece of wire. Secure it at the bottom and form a small loop at the top. You can then insert your necklace through that loop. In this case I recommend gluing the stopper into the bottle.

Have fun making your own mini bottle necklace! I'd love to hear about your ideas to design it!


  1. I found a 6 pack of nail glitter in tiny bottles with a loop on the top at the dollar tree.They reminded me of some expensive fairy dust necklaces I had seen online somewhere so I made my own. Yours use very cute. =)

  2. where do you buy your bottles?

    1. I found mine in a local craft store here in Berlin (I don't remember the name, sorry.), but you can find mini bottles in many different shapes and sizes on Etsy or Amazon as well. Just search for "mini bottles".


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