1. Juni 2015

Life according to instagram | May 2015

Hello, people of the internet! How are things going? Today is Kindertag (Children's Day) in Germany and I am proud to say that I still get presents. Sadly, my own mom doesn't seem to think, that I still count as a child, but the boyfriend's mom does, aparently, and that's totally fine with me. So: Happy Children's Day to all children and everyone who doesn't want to grow up. Ever,

May was a very good month. We had a lot of sun, great food, a few dates and I got to see my brothers again, which is difficult to accomplish since we all live and study in different cities across Germany. But the days when we're all together are always the happiest days. The boyfriend applied for his PhD in May and we're now waiting for answers which will decide if we stay in Berlin or move to another place. It's an ecxiting time right now and also kind of difficult, because we can't say if we stay of if we'll have to quit our jobs and move across Germany in a matter of weeks. I hate that I can't plan anything at the moment. Were will we live? Where will I work? How much will the boyfriend be payed for his PhD? What kind of apartment/life will we be able to afford? Or will we stay and nothing will change? I guess June will bring some answers...
1. Dining with the stars AND with my favorite person.   2. Found out there are melon popsicles. Never eating anything else this summer.   3. Out with my super fancy birkenstocks. I love them. They are amazing.   4. Me = superwoman. I went grocery shopping and ended up with all this stuff and carried it home in one single bag. I mean. Seriously.   5. Had the most wonderful and relaxing bath with this lush bubble bath. And pink water!   6. Tried gooseberry lemonade. Sour but in a good way.   7. Red floor, favorite shirt and very very favorite loafers.   8. The boyfriend picked what's for dinner and we made fantastic homemade spaghetti bolognese with a recipe from the Mutti magazine. Perfect.
9. Knitted beautiful nordic summer shorts (by ministrikk). I love the pattern!   10. Too lazy to change into proper pants, so I went out for some errands in floral leggings that my mom wore thirty years ago.   11. I participated in a weaving workshop and learned how to weave tapestry. Best way to spend a Saturday. There will be a review on Cut Out + Keep soon.   12. Classic mirror selfie with my new shirt from Mango.   13. The boyfriend and I had date night in Prenzlauer Berg and came past this dog, sitting there waiting or I don't know what. He was also very unimpressed by me taking pictures.   14. This knitting obsession is slowly filling my drawers. Maybe I should decide what to do with it. Or get a child.   15. Finishing orders. Wedding season surprised me with a wagon load of orders this year. Phew!   16. Family reunion at my parents house (read more about that here). They have the most beautiful flower garden. It always makes me miss the garden we had last year.
17. Sun, waves, ice cream - the Baltic Sea is always a good idea.   18. We had a great time (and the dog, too) and even took a nap on the beach. We're freaks but it was really good to feel the sun on your face.   19. Early morning coffee making. We have one of those capsule coffee makers, but sometimes I like my coffee old school Italian style.   20. More mirror selfies. I still love the leather statement necklace I made last year. If you like it too, here's the tutorial.   21. I'm a nature lover. I'm very aware of that now that I live in the biggest city of Germany. I like Berlin but one day, I'll be going to a smaller and greener place.   22. New knitting project. I envy the child that will be wearing those pants because they're incredibly soft and cozy.   23. OOTD. The birkenstocks are back again!   24. I need need need a frog display like that!


  1. Popsicle looks so yummy. Can you tell me the brand? Me wants!

    1. Hi! It's called pirulo watermelon from nestle. Now that I'm writing about it I really want to have another. mhmm ;)


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