4. März 2015

Marble. Copper. Black. White.

Marble, copper, black and white are currently my favorite colors for everything (Yep, just called marble a color). You just can't go wrong with a little bit of each and they work really well together, too! Would I set up my entire apartment in marble, copper, black and white? You bet I would! I would combine them with plenty of natural wood, soft fabrics and some warm blankets and BOOM! Instant coziness. The perfect setting to enjoy the (hopefully) last days of winter really. I wanted to switch things up around our home for a long time anyway. It is too colorful, too disorganized, too much IKEA. Gradually, I want to change things to match my style more (and not the style of first-year-of-university-me), add a few nice things, and work with what is already there. The same goes for my closet which I cleaned out big time last month. And with big time I mean BIG time, like, half of it is gone. I'd like to add a few great pieces to my "old classics" that were allowed to stay. The awesome vagabond sneakers have already been ordered, as well as the copper coat hangers. I'm sure those will look very pretty with my dresses! And look at those marble earrings! Oh dear...

 photo Unbenannt-2_zpsdajfl1k5.jpg


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